Fast whole- food: Warm lentil salad feat NOOCH


[contains ad / werbung] This is one of these meals that you create in a hurry, being starved but still wanting to eat healthily. I originally hadn’t planned to share this recipe with you guys – it seemed too random – but in the end I was absolutely surprised by how delicious it turned out to be by using only some super simple ingredients everyone should have at home.

As I said I was in a rush so I used canned lentils but of course you can cook them yourself. It take around 10-25 minutes depending on whether you use red/yellow lentils or the green ones. If I cook them by myself I love to add some cider vinegar when the lentils are done. Makes them so much tastier 🙂

In this I combined cooked and raw veggies to add a little crunchy twist to the meal. I didn’t use any oil or fat but of course you could fry your veggies in some coconut oil or add an avocado at the end – bomb!!!

The nutritional yeast is absolutely essential in this recipe. I guess I added …like 15 tablespoons but hey, I never stuck to recommended portion sizes 😀

The yeast flakes create this super cheesy and aromatic sauce when you mix all ingredients at the end. I didn’t rinse the lentils which came along with some added sea salt. In combo with the nooch this was just perfect!

I highly recommend the yeast flakes by Koro.Drogerie! The best nutritional yeast I tried so far! Meanwhile they have an UK store too. I have a 5% discount code which you can use when ordering at Koro.Drogerie: “NOMNOM”.  By the way guys, this is just my honest opinion and not a paid cooperation. But in general I do only recommend products that I am absolutely convinced of and if you’re following me on instagram you will see that I am using all the products I am recommending myself quite frequently .


Now some people don’t like nutritional yeast and I can tell you there are huge differences in quality and flavor depending on the brand you’re using. So maybe you should give it a second try if you didn’t grab the right package until now 😉

NOOCH IS THE ULTIMATE SUPERFOOD! But what are those strong reeking golden flakes anyway? Well, nooch how it is called in everyday language is nothing but yeast grown on molasses which got harvested and dried with heat to deactivate it. It is low in fat and sodium, but rich in fibre and (complete) protein. It’s mainly known to be an excellent source of B vitamins, which are essential for maintaining a healthy metabolism. Initially it was thought to boost nutrition in vegetarian diets (poor deprived plant eaters!) but it grabbed everyone’s attention when its bold flavor stood out to be the perfect substitute for cheese while still being super healthy and nutirient rich.

Hope I caught your attention for one of my favorite vegan foods!



serves 1


1 can of green lentils (or 250 g of cooked lentils)

1/2 big fennel bulb

2 carrots

red kale

1 celery stalk

lambs lettuce (use baby spinach instead)

1 tsp mild curry powder (Herbaria “Good Old Mild” Curry*)

1/2 tsp Tajine spices (Herbaria “Tajine Marrakesch” Marokkanische Gewürzmischung*)

nutritional yeast (tons of, in my case)

pomegranate seeds


cider vinegar

sea salt / tamari sauce


  1. Cut veggies into small pieces. Put aside 1 cut carrot and the celery.
  2. Steam fennel and the other carrot in a little bit of water till they get soft. Add some kale in the end and season with oriental spices.
  3. Place lettuce, raw veggies and your steamed veggie curry in a bowl, add lentils, NUTRITIONAL YEAST and some additional cidar vinegar and/or sea salt/tamari sauce and mix all ingredients.
  4. Add some pomegranate seeds. They go perfectly well with your lettuce and the kale.
  5. ENJOY!


Please use the hastag #julisnomnoms and tag me @clean_body_in the picture if you remake one of my recipes. I would love to see your creations! ❤

Lots of love,

Julia xX





*affiliate link

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