My idea of a healthy diet – about low-fat, fruit sugar and the GBOBS


Today I want to write about DIET itself. I basically want to share what I know about eating healthily or which are the issues I do care about when it comes to diet.

I absolutely enjoy researching into the latest nutrition and health studies, listening to podcasts, reading books about how our organs are functioning or what you need to stay healthy and happy!

The Nutritarian Diet

Dr.Fuhrman’s “Nutritarian Diet” recently caught my attention. I personally agree with most of his thinking. I didn’t do an extra round of research before writing this blogpost. I just wanna share with you what remained in my mind after listening to an interview with him a few days ago …and furthermore I want to reveal what I want to change in my diet or better said what I want to complement.

Fuhrman speaks of the so called GBOBS (Greens-Beans-Onions-Berries-Seeds), a term that’s really easy to remember. According to him these foods are essential in a healthy diet. Special food combinations even enhance a single foods (plant) power and healing or cancer preemptive properties.

“Eat your Greens”

The Sangraal of nutrition seems to be the combo of RAW dark leafy Greens such as kale or spinach, water cress, parsley AND RAW Onions or scallions. The status “raw” is decisive because when you heat these foods they lose their health benefits for enzymes get destroyed. Though it is not only the preparation of the food but also HOW YOU EAT it. To get to the point, how you chew it. Certain reactions to activate those enzyme and make them greens actually beneficial for you only take place if you chew them well or use a blender to unclose the nutrients. Therefore green juices can be an alternative.

Personally I think that Beans and legumes are the perfect food as they especially provide vegans and vegetarians with high quality plant protein. They keep you full for long for they are a great source of fibre and they are digested very slowly. Unlike the so called “bad” carbs such as refined sugar/conventional sweets, white flour or white rice which make your blood sugar level rapidly soar, your body absorbs the energy over several hours.

Berries, fruit, fruit sugar ?

Let’s get back to the GBOBS. Berries are the next point up on the list. Lucky me who thinks that berries are the most delicious fruit ever. Nevertheless I try to eat seasonal. Not only (but also) for reasons of sustainability. It is that apples simply taste amazing in autumn and winter don’t you think? Right now I am obsessed with Elstar apples whereas strawberries often taste like water, sugary water if you’re lucky. Moreover berries from Spain or Egypt might contain toxicologically problematic substances. What I like doing is to freeze berries from my garden when they’re in season and enjoy them later in winter. It’s always like freezing some summer memories 🙂

But long story short, berries are loaded with antioxidants. They are rich in several vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C and manganese, yet they are low in calories. AS A FRUIT they, scientifically proven, improve insulin response and help lower blood sugar levels. They published this study in which people had to eat white bread (plain) and white bread with berries and those who ate bread and berries had lower blood sugar levels in the end…but wait they ate fruit ??? Fruit = sugar ! This shows why it is not true when people tell you that sugar simply is sugar. Of course it is from its chemical constitution BUT fruit and especially berries contain lots of fibre and several secondary phytochemicals which again have a positive influence on our insulin levels. Raspberries or blackberries e.g. contain 8 g of fibre at a relatively low concentration of calories.

Low fat, no fat, which fats?

Eating nuts, seeds and berries in my opinion is the oldest manifastation of the homo sapiens’ diet !

Now SEEDS. What I really enjoy about Fuhrman’s idea of eating healthy is that he supports eating fats, healthy fats of course. He recommends avoiding oil but is positive about eating the whole plant like nuts and seeds instead of walnut oil, pumpkin seed oil etc. Make your salad dressing out of nuts and seeds instead of oils! I totally agree with that! I never liked eating oil but I also never liked eating no fat at all. In my opinion healthy and natural, unrefined fat sources ARE ESSENTIAL for you. Your skin looks so much more vibrant, your hormones can work properly what will make you happier and more balanced. People avoiding fats tend to suffer from depression more frequently, lose their hair and girls/women lose their period.

Eating nuts, seeds and berries in my opinion is the oldest manifastation of the homo sapiens’ diet, honestly! Hunter-gatherers you remember?! Oh and by the way for me at least this doesn’t mean you HAVE TO eat meat. Scientists found out that diet habits of the earl humans differed depending from location. An majority of our ancestors even seemed to live more or less fully vegan.


Talking of fats I need to discuss the omega3 issue. Some people say you need them, some say you don’t and that it is bull**** to supplement on omega3s. In my opinion you definitively should pay attention on getting in your omega3 fatty acids. First of all they are essential fatty acids, what means our bodies are not able to produce them themselves. Moreover we in the western world tend to eat muuuuch more omega 6 fatty acids than omega3s and when it comes to the two of them it is the balance that matters. Plants generally contain more omega6.

There are only a very few exceptions: The omega3/ omega6 ratio in chia seeds is considered to be 1:1. Hemps seeds are sometimes labelled as rich in omega3 but honestly they contain less omega3 than they have omega6 fatty acids. The only good vegan source of omega3 however is flaxseed, CRUSHED flaxseed (otherwise your digestive system won’t be able to absorb the nutrients). I try to eat 3 heaped tablespoons of flaxseed every single day! Of course you can supplement omega3s even as a vegan with algae oil but please pay attention to not buying capsules which contain vitamine e (sometimes they don’t even name it in the list of ingredients as vitamin e but only as “Tocopherol”) . It is added to prolong the shelf life of the products but we already get enough of it eating an average balanced diet. Yet a surplus of it can have negative side effects…such as cancer!

Talking of fats, another source of fat that is on my menu on a daily basis is BRAZIL NUTS. They’re one of those foods everyone should eat every day. I recommend two brazil nuts a day. They are (besides coconut) the only source of selenium, which is essential for a healthy metabolism and thyroid. I buy my brazil nuts at KoRo.Drogerie. They offer 500g packages which allow you to save lots of money because those nuts are seriously expensive.

Naturbelassene Lebensmittel, Nüsse + Superfoods


Puhhh, I guess this was a hell lot of information. Anyone still reading? 🙂

I know there are so many different opinions when it comes to the right diet. In the end I always stick to the idea of eating as much unrefined plant based whole foods as possible. If you want to be a nerd, eat steel cut oats instead of fine oats. Eat potatoes instead of gnocchi , eat cooked wholegrain spelt instead of pasta BUT WHATEVER YOU EAT AND DO, ENJOY IT!!! Don’t forget to take care of your mental health as well. Excluding from peers and friends because of strict rules and prohibited foods won’t make you happy ergo healthy.



What I need to improve …

And now maybe the most important part is …what I want to improve in my diet or incorporate after confronting Fuhrmanns ideas and his talk about the GBOBS…. I already started sprinkling some raw dark leafy greens preferably kale and some finely chopped raw onions on each of my cooked meals, like a veggie pan or sth. I actually like it though I never used to be that much of a raw kale person 😉  In general I try to integrate as much dark leafy greens as possible. Eating more baby spinach and lamb’s lettuce AGAIN. I really neglected this over the past couple of moths. In summer I enjoy more of my green smoothies and salads but in winter…yeah you got that. And I make an effort to get in my omega3s. Seriouls I don’t want to come down with multiple sclerosis or Alzheimer one day. I feel that so many people are neglecting this topic as we don’t feel direct consequences when eating not enough omega3s/too much omega6s. It’s an long term issue.

And I want to vary more again. Not eating chickpeas like evry damn day but more lentils, black beans, mungbeans. More quinoa again, buckwheat from time to time. I mean there is such a vaaaast variety of amazing and delicious vegan foods. I guess this is one of my new years resolution. Not that you need an occasion like that for changing your lifestyle in positive way. Eating healthy is a choice and you can start today. Start by taking little steps and even if you’re eating a plant based diet already which is great remember that vegan doesn’t mean it’s healthy. You can eat vegan cookies, chips, cake…which in the right quantities (and depending on the ingredients) is absolutely fine but certainly not really beneficial for your overall health.

To sum this all up: It sounds trite but guys EAT YOUR GREENS…and your onions, and berries!

Last point, I promise! I also want to pay more attention on how I eat. Like that thing of chewing well but also eating more mindfully, practicing gratefulness for the foods I am able to buy, being aware that I am doing sth good for my body with this food ….

So much theory! We’ll practice this tomorrow with an easy recipe. Be prepared for some super delicious Anti Cancer Gnocchi All’Arrabbiata.

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Lots of love to you guys! Take care for your health. It’s the most precious possession you own ❤


Feel free to share this article with people who might need a little extra lesson about diet and a healthy lifestyle 🙂



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  1. fitomatoes says:

    Hallo liebe Juli,
    das hast du super geschrieben! Ich seh das alles ziemlich genauso 🙂 ..nur mit rohen Zwiebeln kann ich mich nicht anfreuden haha. Und du hast Recht, kauen ist so wichtig! Ich esse meistens viel zu schnell. Bin gespannt auf dein Rezept morgen! 🙂
    Schönen Abend dir,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Frühlingszwiebel wäre noch eine Option 🙂
      Danke meine Liebe! Ich hoffe du hast bisher einen tollen Tag ❤


  2. Gabi says:

    Hallo Juli,
    Klasse Artikel. Mir gefällt vor allem, dass Du “Health” über 100% veganem Anspruch stellst. Nur wer selbst dafür sorgt, so gesund wie möglich zu leben, kann maximales für andere (Tiere eingeschlossen) bewirken. Eine 100% vegane Ernährung die aus ethischen Gründen Produkte tirischen Ursprungs ablehnt, dafür zahlreiche vegane Industrieprodukte mit leeren Kalorien+ künstlichen Zusatzstoffen zulässt greift meiner Meinung nach zu kurz.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Danke Gabi für dein Feedback! Genau so sehe ich das eben auch.
      Ich bin zwar Selbstaus Überzeugung vegan, aber vegan ist eben nicht automatisch mit gesund gleichzusetzen. Außerdem gilt: “Leben und leben lassen”… das kann man jetzt verstehen wie man will, aber ich beziehe es eben auch darauf aus einer Ernährungsweise und persönlichen Entscheidung keine Religion zu machen und andere anzugreifen wegen dem, was auf ihrem Teller liegt.

      Liked by 1 person

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