Cookie Dough Bites – cocoa and coconut coated


[contains ad/werbung] This is my most favorite cookie dough balls recipe…maybe it’s my most favorite snack recipe EVER!

It took me quite a while to find the perfect consistency and sweetness. In my opinion these balls are perfectly chewy, soft and they just couldn’t be any more delicious. I beg you to give them a try and promise you won’t regret it!

Moreover these are low fat and high in vegan protein without having any protein powder added. They are prepared in only a few minutes and you can even keep them in the fridge for at least 3-4 days or freeze them…because believe me you don’t wanna run out of cookie dough balls once you’ve tried them!




2 servings



130 g oat flour (I used these glutenfree fine oats *)

30 – 40 g coconut flour (I highly recommend this brand*)

5 Banana FlavDrops (skip if you prefer)

vanilla powder

240 g canned chickpeas

4 huge dates (medjool)

water (∼1/2 cup)



cocoa powder

coconut flour



  1. Blend oats in a high speed blender to make your own oat flour. Put aside.
  2. Blend wet ingredients: Chickpeas, dates and water
  3. In a bowl mix your chickpea mass with oat and coconut flour, add flavoring if you like. You could add vanilla powder only and/or any additional sweetener instead of the FlavDrops.
  4. Form little balls with your hands.
  5. Now coat half of them with cocoa powder and the other half with coconut flour.
  6. I like them most after one night in the fridge but they taste great immediately after their formation 😀


Please use the hastag #julisnomnoms and tag me @clean_body_in the picture if you try one of my recipes. I would love to see your recreations and share them with my community ! ❤

Lots of love to each and everyone of you,

Xx Julia


I have a 5% discount code for you guys if you want to order at KoRo.Drogerie * ⇒”NOMNOM”

*enthält Werbung/ ehrliche Empfehlung











3 Comments Add yours

  1. Laura Divine says:

    Do you have the recipe for your green tortellini with cauliflower and pistachios creams ? I really want to try it soon it looked delicious . Thankyou. .if the tortellini came as they are then just the cream recipes ??(:


  2. Robin says:

    Just wondering as I’ve never seen the ingredient vanilla powder, what that is, brand, or where to find it. Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Robin,
      It’s a common thing here in Germany but I heard that people in the U.S. (and probably everywhere else outside Germany) are using vanilla bean extract instead, which is hard to find here in Germany tho.
      I was looking for a picture for you:

      Basically it’s the stuff that is inside a fresh vanilla bean which has been tried.

      German Brands I am using are : Rapunzel and Sonnentor.
      It’s available in stores, listed as a spice just like cinnamon.

      Hope things got a little bit clearer now !


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